The market for interim lawyers has grown hugely in recent years, as has the quality of those lawyers. Our clients appreciate that top tier lawyers are now available like never before. A short term hire does not mean compromising at all on the quality of that hire.

We work with professionals who have made the move into the interim market for a variety of reasons. Some of these include:

Conscious Decision Makers

These lawyers have had a career within a law firm or corporate but have decided to step away from the obvious law firm or in-house route. Typically, these individuals want to have more time, choice and flexibility in their lives. The group ranges in PQE level, professional background and practice area.

Best-in-Class Overseas Lawyers

These lawyers have usually worked at the top firms in common law jurisdictions such as Australia and New Zealand. They either do not plan to stay for more than two years or can only obtain a two year working visa. Interim work is ideal for their situation: they can continue to gain good experience while not committing themselves long term. 

Permanent Job seekers

These lawyers are ultimately looking to return to permanent employment, but in the meantime are working on an interim basis. This may be for a variety of reasons, from a change in personal circumstances to having taken time out to travel or start a business venture.